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  2. they bonded over drugs and alcohol
    with the memory of what it’s like to really have a soul
    opposite sides of the track, same suburb
    strangers turned friends, then saviours turned lovers
    and he scared her a little bit
    never did quite understand too clear her fear of the intimate
    but she scared him a little more
    been searching for so long, afraid he might have found what he was looking for
    she wasn’t sure at first
    cause she’s learnt that when you play with fire that you might get burnt
    but somewhere between the cigarettes and late night TV
    she found a reason to believe in what might be
    it’s like hazel-eyed thinkers seek shelter from the storm
    clever brunette likes to read and stay awake until the break of dawn
    just a mother’s son and a father’s daughter
    tryna build some paradise within a life of disorder

  3. six billion people to love, i choose one.

  9. pull my strings

  10. hazy

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